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Step 1 : Go to, Search a video.

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Step 3 : Paste that URL in the box given above and then click the "Get YouTube Thumbnail" button.

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Using this YouTube download downloader tool is very easy, the only thing you have to do that you just copy the link of that YouTube video and just past on the input box then, it's automatic going to generate 3 size thumbnail of that YouTube video, First one going to be high quality second is on HD quality and third is low quality you can use any one of them by just click on that image and you will get the download link then you can save that file on a computer or mobile phone then use it's you want... 

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According to SEO Experts, Thumbnail is a visual title of a video. A thumbnail describe about , the scene of this video is titled. Therefore, the illiterate person can easily guess the content of the video after watching it. Now you can understand what is the importance of thumbnail for people who do not know how to read? Thumbnails are the only option for such people to know about the video. In such a situation, it is the duty of every Youtuber to provide correct information through thumbnail. By the way you can download any Youtube video thumbnails from our YouTube video thumbnails downloader tool.



Actually ,  'thumbnail' meaning is used as an image that represents its original image or video . it is a small size compressed image which is called a thumbnail , which is a representative image of a large image or video . But the meaning of the video is slightly different. If viewed in the context of the video, the meaning of Thumbnail is taken from the image that represents the entire video. That is to represent the entire video rather than a single scene or part of the video. And give accurate information about the content inside the video so thumbnails are very important part in seo for both youtube and blogs or any social network you can use our thumbnail downloader tool to download the high quality youtube thumbnail and it can be freely used in any social network.


Youtube thumbnail downloader

Youtube SEO: Thumbnail Clickbait

There are some important factors in ranking your YouTube video Like Title, Thumbnail should also be related to the video. That is, whatever is in the thumbnail should be in the video as well. Some people do Bad Clickbait via Thumbnail, we use Thumbnails downloader, which have nothing to do with video. This gives a lot of views but the ranking of the channel falls. Also, Search Engines put such channels in the blacklist, so that no video appears in the search results. So avoid Bad Clickbait.


If you want to do clickbait then always try to do Good Clickbaits. you can present your YouTube Thumbnails  in a very different , unique, simple and interesting way by exaggerating it, applying some little good clickbaits. But keep in mind, what you have shown in the thumbnail must be in some form or the other. Otherwise you will sit with Bad Clickbait. For Good Clickbait, it is very important for Thumbnail to be related to the video. According to SEO experts , it is very important to have qualities like attraction, suspense and curiosity in a thumbnail.

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